Lacan offshore fund

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Investment Policy

  • Hedge funds offer uncorrelated and superior risk adjusted returns and dampen volatility of an overall portfolio over an investment cycle

  • Dynamic strategy allocation based on a top down macro view

  • Evaluate and select the best managers in each strategy through a consistent and rigorous
    investment process

  • Operational due diligence and risk management are integral parts of the investment process with veto power

  • Openness and full transparency to investors

  • Alternative investments can reduce overall risk of a classic portfolio, while at the same time hedge a specific risk or other asset classes

  • As experienced over recent years, diversification has its limits. Long/Short relationships break down when volatility rises, normal distribution of assumed returns by traditional risk models become flawed and hidden liquidity risks come to the surface.

  • Evidence also shows that big players are not a guarantee of safety, liquidity comes at a cost, targeting low volatility forces managers to drift towards strategies with higher tail risk associated with them and - as experienced in 2008 - government intervention can be very disruptive.

Target Investor

For brazilian institutional investors.


  • Minimum Investment: BRL 300,000.00

  • Minimum Transaction: BRL 300,000.00

  • Minimum Balance: BRL 1,000,000.00

  • Management Fee: 0.16% per annum

  • Maximum Management Fee: BRL 6,000.00

  • Performance Fee: None

  • Investment Request: At least three business days prior to the first business day of each month

  • Request for Redemption: Minimum advance of 66 consecutive days counted from the last working day of the months of March, June, September and December / NAV settlement on D + 32/ Financial settlement on D+33

  • Investment and Redemption hours: until 2pm

  • Liquidity: Daily

  • Income Tax: Income is taxed at a rate of 15%, exclusively on redemption

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