Lacan Equilíbrio Institucional FIM 

Macro Fund

Investment Policy

Fund with balanced strategies in the Fixed Income, Stock and FX markets based on the following concepts:

  • Fundamental analysis

  • Value-based allocation

  • Long term mindset

  • Capital preservation

  • Use of derivatives limited by the fund's total NAV

  • Absolute return

Target Investor

Investors in general that seek capital appreciation through a balanced portfolio that diversifies across the Fixed Income, Stock and FX markets.


  • Minimum initial investment: BRL 500.00

  • Minimum transaction: BRL 100.00

  • Minimum balance: BRL 100.00

  • Management fee: 1.75% per annum

  • Maximum management fee: 2% per annum

  • Performance fee: 20% over what exceeds the CDI, paid on a semester basis

  • Redemption payment: D+6 (business days)

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